A San Diego, California culinary experience.

San Diego microseasons drive Chinese technique at 24 Suns Pop Up Experience

Dining Experience

Immerse yourself in a gastronomic experience where the long traditions of Chinese cuisine seamlessly integrates with the vibrant, farm-fresh ingredients of Southern California. At 24 Suns, we pay homage to the subtleties of nature, capturing the essence of each microseason in our ever-evolving menus. It’s more than a meal—it’s a tribute to the dynamic rhythms of land and season.

Chefs' collaboration tasting menu item
Dee Sandoval


What began as intimate gatherings over dumplings transformed into multi-course tasting menus, then evolved into 24 Suns: a culinary experience that pops up across San Diego’s diverse locales. Each setting brings its own flavor, challenging us to adapt and refine our craft.


Chefs Nic Webber and Jacob Jordan, both trained in fine dining, are the creators of 24 Suns. They currently host pop-up tasting events in San Diego, where they blend Chinese culinary traditions with local ingredients. Their next step is to open a dedicated 24 Suns brick and mortar.


Nicholas Webber plating a dish
Alex Marie Alford
Nicholas Webber, looking down towards likely a plate of food that is not visible in this picture. There's a slight smile and he wears glasses and has long hair. His buttoned-up shirt has palm trees on it.

Chef Nicholas Webber began his career working as an apprentice for a French restaurant at only 15 years old. Inspired by Jacques Pepin’s memoir he set out to work young just the same. He then attended the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, where he found opportunities in Michelin Three Star restaurants. He discovered an obsession with dumpling and a love for Chinese food in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Nicholas proceeded to develop skills in a variety of restaurants, from French, Italian, to Korean, in San Diego and Portland. After coming back home to San Diego, returning to Addison on the Chef’s request to be a part of the Michelin pursuit, he set out on his own, starting 24 Suns Pop Up in September of 2021. 24 Suns expresses the culmination of his experience; it showcases the best of San Diego and Chinese Cuisine. Nicholas continues to use his skills in cooking and organization to advocate for his local community.

Jacob Jordan carrying a platter of dumplings.
Alex Marie Alford
Jacob Jordan is outside in front of picnic tables and a plant wall. He is clad with an apron and fresh hair cut, walking towards the viewer with a platter of food and gazing towards his left.

Chef Jacob Jordan grew up in San Clemente, CA. He comes from a family of great home cooks. He discovered that he loved the feeling he got from cooking for his friends and family at a young age. His professional culinary career began in Boulder, Co. where he worked at the award winning Frasca Food and Wine, cooking modern Italian cuisine. Without professional culinary experience, he worked on a trial basis for a month until he was offered a job as a cook Jacob rose through the ranks quickly utilizing the close mentorship from his chefs . He developed interest in pasta and bread baking that became the cornerstones of his culinary skills. After an accomplished tenure Jacob moved to San Diego to work at local Three Michelin starred Addison. There he met Nic Webber when they worked a station together. After a short time, Jacob lead the Addison bread program while he furthered his French technique and fine dining. He continues to use his dough skills in 24 Suns projects such as Baos, Bings, dumplings, and noodles.


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